The human body ... an ancient mystery.  An Eternal theme and inspiration for both science and art.  Both Science and Art try to explain the human body.  The human body and brain are not fully explored and discovered.   Where do we come from? Where do our feelings come from? Do they really belong to our free will? 

 There are many questions in my art.  The Unknown is a great inspiration and challenge for me as an artist.  I have devoted all my explorative work, that is, painting, socio-cultural exchange, reading, discovery,  on my questions about the Unknown. 



 I am a freelance artist from Mongolia and live between Berlin and Ulaanbaatar. Following my art and graphic design studies at the State Art College of Mongolia in 1999, I visited several Asian countries, namely China, Korea, Japan and India, intensively absorbing  a large body of ancient and contemporary art which helped me to discover more about my own sense of being an artist.  In these countries, I felt the tension between ancient traditions and rapid social development in a special way and got to know the diverse forms of these phenomena  and their expression in art.

This dialectic between the human creative power on the one hand and its simultaneously destructive work on the other, has shaped my view of the world and many elements of artistic interpretation present in my work.


I have been living and working in Berlin for more than 10 years without losing my Mongolian roots.  I regularly meet friends from both cultures and take part in the respective cultural and social activities.  I am fascinated by the expressive possibilities of the representation of the human body in its interaction with our mind, our perceptions and the outside world.  Since our perception draws only a very incomplete picture of reality, my pictures and collages also show the states of being that are not visible, which are hidden, or born only out of our thoughts.


My paintings will be completed in the mind of the respective viewer and connected with his own experiences of, contradictions about, hopes and longings for an individual image of reality.