Z a z a a G a n b o l d
Z a z a a   G a n b o l d

“Four seasons “

Art exhibition in Shangri-La center in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 2017

She aims to remember to people through this exhibition  that our word, four seasons, and days passes  naturally by us while we all have been absorbing  completely to our lives.   Also she want to give a message to people that people may likely lose themselves in ruthlessly hurry life, and in rapidly developed technological information  although nature does not hurry.  Aditionally,  he thinks that  he wish people  would feel the beauty of life sincerely a little  making time  for themselves. Moreover, she hopes that people take feelings that someone need to love ownself, and  love each others and then love mother earth by being  close to nature thanks to visiting to the exhibition.   

Zazaa Art new scarves 2017

Four seasons

100% luxury silkscarf, limited edition


Zazaa Art new scarves 2016

100% silkscarf

Cashmere, Modal scarf

Zazaa & Ariunaa Suri event in UB, Mongolia 2015

" Mongol art" show in San Francisco, USA 2015
“Mongol Art” World Tour Project is sharing Mongolian history, culture, art and music to the world.

“Mongol Art” World Tour is starting from San Francisco and planning to continue major cities Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York and Washington D.C. in USA and other countries.

The “Mongol Art” World tour Show will include: Live performances by Mongolian contortions, traditional Mongolian  music and dance, filmed images of Mongolia’s spectacular terrain by “June Production” and a never before seen traditional/ contemporary Mongolian fashion show by Zazaa. Also, artist Lkagva Amarsanaa and fine artist Ganbold Zazaa will perform live on the stage for the first time.

Mongol Art 2015  exhibition   Zazaa & Amarsanaa  in Berkeley USA


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