Art Project on the stairwell of SBW

Berlin and International

Feb 17, 2020

The stairwell of Rudower Str. 67, where the office of SBW Berlin and our scholarship holders reside, will be designed by various artists.

The Mongolian artist (Narantsatsral) Zazaa Ganbold is already working on the first painting. For the other walls of our stairwell we plan many more paintings, which will reflect the different cultures of various continents.

For the entrance hall we plan a collage of people from different countries, painted by all the artists together as a joint venture.

Pukka SinnesGarten Projekt

Live Kunstwerk von Künstlerin Zazaa Ganbold

zur Verbindung von Mensch und Natur

Vom 18. - 23.11.2019 machte Pukka für alle gestressten Berliner*innen die Natur im Großstadttrubel erlebbar. Mit dem SinnesGarten brachte der englische Kräutertee-Experte eine grüne Oase in die angesagte Shopping-Mall BIKINI BERLIN und bot den Hauptstädter*innen eine kleine Auszeit. Die Passant*innen tauchten in eine grüne Erlebniswelt ein, die sie mit allen Sinnen spüren konnten, um mit ihrer inneren Natur in Kontakt zu treten.


Damit die Besucher*innen ihre ursprüngliche Verbindung mit der Natur wiederentdecken konnten, ließ sich das Team von modem conclusa einiges einfallen und erschuf mit dem SinnesGarten eine grüne Kräutererlebniswelt. Die Besucher*innen konnten durch einen duftenden Kräutergarten spazieren, im Meditations-Pavillon zur Ruhe zu kommen, interaktiv die Lehre des Ayurveda entdecken oder bei einer heißen Tasse Pukka Bio-Kräutertee in der Tee-Lounge entspannen und die Künstlerin Zazaa Ganbold dabei beobachten, wie sie live vor Ort die Verbindung von Mensch und Natur künstlerisch interpretierte.

Interview for the Mongolian Airlines Magazine 2019


"Silk Road" international festival in Croatia




„Who are we?“

solo exhibition by Zazaa Ganbold.


The ACM’s „Red Ger“ Creative space aims to promote Mongolian talented artists through organizing different art exhibitions. Last week the space opened „ Who are we?“ exhibition by Zazaa, who lives and works in Berlin, Germany. G.Narantsatsral known by Zazaa, her 7th solo exhibition, it will be held from April 26th-May 22nd, 2019.

The human body…an ancient mystery. An Eternal theme and inspiration for both science and art. Both science and art try to explain the human body. The human body and brain are notfully explored and discovered“ said by artist…

Zazaa’s main concept of exhibition ist o find answer „Who are we?“by her futuristic art works questioning what society are weproducing and where do weg o? What result should we expect by making decisions and acting today? And what results do we produce?

Exhibition will present 17 artworks oil and acrylic and with aluminum, mixedmedia technique.

May 10, 2019


Mongolische Zeitgenössische Kunst und Design, März 2019

in Mongolische Bussiness Center in Berlin.

" Otgonbayr " Stiftung


EMPFANG: 31.01.2019





In diesem Jahr begehen die beiden Länder das 45-jährige Jubiläum der Aufnahme der diplomatischen Beziehungen. Der 31. Januar 1974 wird offiziell als historischer Tag der diplomatischen Beziehungen anerkannt.

Die Botschaft der Mongolei veranstaltete am 31. Januar 2019 im Mercure Hotel MOA Berlin einen feierlichen Empfang anlässlich des 45-jährigen Jubiläums der diplomatischen Beziehungen.

Der Botschafter der Mongolei S.E. Dr. phil. Damba Ganbat eröffnete das feierliche Ereignis.


Ausstellung von Zazaa Ganbold und Gan-Erdene Tsend.



“Four seasons “


Art exhibition in Shangri-La center in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 2018

She aims to remember to people through this exhibition  that our word, four seasons, and days passes  naturally by us while we all have been absorbing  completely to our lives.   Also she want to give a message to people that people may likely lose themselves in ruthlessly hurry life, and in rapidly developed technological information  although nature does not hurry.  Aditionally,  he thinks that  he wish people  would feel the beauty of life sincerely a little  making time  for themselves. Moreover, she hopes that people take feelings that someone need to love ownself, and  love each others and then love mother earth by being  close to nature thanks to visiting to the exhibition.   

Zazaa Art new scarves 2017

Four seasons

100% luxury silkscarf, limited edition



Zazaa Art new scarves 2016

100% silkscarf

Cashmere, Modal scarf



Zazaa & Ariunaa Suri event in UB, Mongolia 2015


“Mongol Art” show in San Francisco, USA 2015
"Mongol Art" World Tour Project is sharing Mongolian history, culture, art and music to the world. "Mongol Art” World Tour is starting from San Francisco and planning to continue major cities Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York and Washington D.C. in USA and other countries.

The “Mongol Art” World tour Show will include: Live performances by Mongolian contortions, traditional Mongolian  music and dance, filmed images of Mongolia’s spectacular terrain by “June Production” and a never before seen traditional/ contemporary Mongolian fashion show by Zazaa. Also, artist Lkagva Amarsanaa and fine artist Ganbold Zazaa will perform live on the stage for the first time.


Mongol Art 2015  exhibition  

Zazaa & Amarsanaa  in Berkeley USA